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Peter T Marler
Jackson Co GA
Will BK-B Pages 370-371

Jackson Co
I,  P T Marler of said state and county being of sound mind and disposing
memory do make this my last Will and Testament
Item 1st  I give bequeath and devise to my son John E Marler Sixty acres
in the East end of my tract of land including the residence in which I
now live also two spotted Hogs free from all charges or limitation what
ever to his own proper use benefit and behoof
Item 2  I give bequeath and devise to my sons S L  Marler  D P Marler and
daughter Mary Jane Jackson (formerly Marler) Sarah A Strickland (formerly
Marler) Martha O Lay (fomerly Marler) the remainder of my tract of land
containing One hundred Acres more or less including the dwelling now
occupied by D S Lay to be equally divided with said heirs above named
3rd  It is my will that the Household and Kitchen furniture Stock
including farming utensils &c be sold and the proceeds equally divided
between S L Marler D P Marler Mary J Jackson Sarah A Strickland Martha O
4th  I further bequeath to my son John E Marler all the money and debts
coming to me after all expenses of my burial &c are paid
Item 5th  I hereby constitute and appoint my son John E Marler and son in
law D S Lay Executers of my last Will and Testament  
This the 31st day of August 1886
                                          Peter T (x) Marler

Signed declared and published by P T Marler as his last will and
testament in the presence of us the subscribers who subscribe our names
hereto in the presence of said Testator at his instance and request and
of each other he signing in our presence and we signing in his presence
W B Patrick
R W Wilson
W F Head

Probated April 4 1887

Jackson Co
In person appeared in Open Court on the first Monday in April 1887 R W
Wilson and W F Head who being duly Sworn says that they with W B Patirck
saw Peter T Marler Sign Seal publish and declare the foregoing writing to
be his last Will and Testament while of sound and disposing mind. That
they witnessed the same at the special instance and request of Testator
Signing the same in presence of Testator and each of Witnesses and
Testator Signing in presence of them and Said W B Patrick the other
witness And that the same was executed voluntarily by Testator on the day
and year it purports to be made
Sworn to and Subscribed
W F Head
before me This April 4 1887
R W Wilson
                         H W Bell

Jackon County
We John E Marler and D S Lay do swear that the foregoing writing is the
true and last Will & Testament of Peter T Marler decd so far as we know
or believe And that we will faithfully Execute said Will and administer
said decd Estate according to law and said Will so help us God
Sworn to and Subscribed
before me this April 4 1887
John E (x) Marler
                        H W Bell  Ordy           D S Lay